One player chooses a word or phrase and writes a dash for each letter, in a line.
The other players choose letters, one at a time.
If the letter is in the word or phrase, it is written above the dash for each occurance.
If not, then the next part of the gallows is drawn.
If the gallows is completed before the word or phrase is guessed, the player who chose it is the winner.
1. Restrict the choice of words or phrases to, say, people or films.
2. Allow the chooser to change the chosen word or phrase, provided it fits in with the letters chosen so far.
- The chosen letters should be written down, or crossed off an A to Z list.
3. Draw a man suspended from a parachute above a shark with an open mouth.
- For each wrong guess, rub out one of the ropes attaching the man to the parachute.